Monday, November 15, 2010

Spotlight: Ethos Vegan Kitchen

Ethos Vegan Kitchen: Creating Options for the Vegan community
By now, many Orlando foodies have been to Ethos Vegan Kitchen once or twice, or like many, it may be your favorite “go-to” restaurant. Whether you’ve been there a lot or not at all, Ethos Vegan Kitchen has been dishing up lunch, dinner and Sunday Brunch since 2007.
What does Ethos mean? According to its web site, by definition, it means, "the distinguishing character, sentiment, moral nature, or guiding beliefs of a person, group, or institution."
Ethos Vegan Kitchen is located on N. Orange Avenue near Lake Ivanhoe; a hip, evolving area in downtown Orlando. Owners Laina and Kelly Shockley have created an inviting, fresh, compassionate environment and approach to dining in the constantly evolving food service world of Orlando. Here are a few things that you might not know…

Did you know…that 90% of all the products are prepared daily at Ethos?
Did you know…Ethos is 100% Vegan?
Did you know…that up to 50% of their products are organic?
Did you know…they use Seitan (say-tahn)?
Did you know…they are working on a kids menu? (think Mac & Cheese, PB & J)
Did you know…they offer free WiFi ?(inside only)
Did you know…Laina does all the design and development on the web site?
Did you know…Kelly’s favorite at Ethos is the Vegan Pepperoni Pizza?

To find out more about its menu, Laina, Kelly and the incredibly talented staff at Ethos Vegan Kitchen, check it out yourself and let us know something about Ethos that you know. Open seven days.

Ethos Vegan Kitchen; 1235 N. Orange Avenue #101 Orlando 32804; 407.228.3898;

Post by Maureen Cavanaugh Berry
Photo courtesy of Ethos Vegan Kitchen