Thursday, February 03, 2011

I’ve been itching to plant my spring greens and veggies. But first, I had to get my actical; the plastic wrist bracelet that tracks my metabolism, physical activity and qualifies me (and twenty-nine others) for the 4’x12’ raised garden beds at FPCG. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the actical shrinks as the week wears on and gets incredibly itchy, usually during the middle of the night. That’s right; we wear the actical 24/7, for one week. Tia Meer, the FPCG manager, has been instrumental in keeping the garden at FPCG running smoothly. Last night she arranged for us to meet and fulfill our obligations. Thanks Ethos Vegan Kitchen for giving us the time and space.
Every three months for the past nine months, FPCG gardeners fill out the required forms and endure a week of the scratchy bracelet that is now seen more as a badge of honor, than a nuisance. After one more actical week (May 2011) the garden officially becomes community property complete with monthly dues, by-laws and various committees to keep things running smoothly.
Since we broke ground in May 2010, we’ve seen three planting seasons and are now preparing for spring and summer vegetables. Tomatoes, radish, carrots, fresh herbs, lettuce, potatoes and beans thrive alongside chard, broccoli, kale, snapdragons, marigolds, and citrus trees.
My garden is planted. Now it’s just six days, one hour and ten minutes before I can stop scratching.